Your dog deserves to be intellectually and athletically challenged.

The A Girl and Your Dog team walks at our pristine property in Montara, just past Pacifica on Highway 1. This gorgeous plot of land includes mowed meadow, extensive woodland hiking trails and a creek. This space is the perfect spot for us to have grand adventures with your dog. Having a fun, stimulating experience in a safe and controlled environment is what we aim to provide all of our dogs – and Montara allows us to do this and more. In addition to our Montara property, we visit two of the prettiest off leash dog parks in San Francisco: John McLaren Park and Fort Funston.

Our walkers are dedicated to working with your dog and helping them get the best experience possible! During the walks our staff will work on training basics using positive reinforcement techniques and a lot of love. Our staff captures the outdoor adventures of your pups with weekly photo updates on Facebook and Instagram. The cute dog pictures will just keep on coming!


You deserve to feel good about Fido’s care. You both deserve to relax at the end of a long day. At A Girl And Your Dog we recognize how tricky city living can be, and aim to make your life easier in any way we can. For those with busy schedules or high energy pups, we offer a daycare program where pups spend from 10AM to 4PM with our team and go on two full walks. For clients going out of town we offer boarding in our company house. Your pup will get to relax and socialize in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. We also offer weekend daycare if you ever find yourself with too many weekend plans.

You deserve the ability to relax knowing that the AGAYD team always has your back, and will work with you and your dog every step of the way. At A Girl and Your Dog we provide strong leadership, constant recreation, intellectual stimulation, emotional stability and, of course, lots of love. Please feel free to call us at (415) 939 8534 or contact us by email at admin@agirlandyourdog.com.



Charlie Castaneda – Owner, CEO, Play Operations Director

Charlie has been working professionally with dogs since 1995. She discovered her love of dogs as a child while spending hours in her yard play training her Belgian Shepherd Trinka. Charlie fondly remembers Trinka would do exactly as she asked as long as there was fun, food and lots of attention involved. As a result, she became fluent in dog fun.

Originally from Baja California, Mexico, Charlie started her first dog walking service, 2 Girls Walk Dogs in San Francisco in 1995, shortly after finishing an MFA at UC Davis. During the past 20 years she has built a creative and successful dog business alongside her art career. 2 Girls Walk Dogs morphed into A Girl And Your Dog when her business partner retired in 2005. Charlie now works with a staff of seven who help her in the dog fun business.

Charlie has volunteered countless hours at the San Francisco SPCA assisting in puppy training classes and continues her pursuit of learning everything dog. Most recently she took part in a 6 week course taught by John Rogerson in India, focusing on canine scent work. When not out playing with dogs, Charlie can be found in her art studio usually accompanied by several of her canine companions.


Caroline Cloak – Business Partner, CDO, Bulldog Specialist, House Mom

Caroline has been working with A Girl and Your Dog since September of 2008. Originally from Ohio, Caroline has lived in California since 2004. She is a Professional Dog Walker certified through DogTec and has successfully completed Trish King’s Canine Behavior Training, Level I. Her love of animals began at the age of six with the first of 5 hamsters named Ralph. After Ralph, she has proudly parented 2 cats, several goldfish, a ferret, a tree frog, and two dogs. Her current animal family includes all your dogs and her own delightful clown dog Billy who was adopted from Good Newz Pittie Pups Rescue in 2011.

Caroline has created the branding and design for A Girl and Your Dog and continues to work with Charlie to provide the best care possible for your dogs of South Eastern SF. On a daily basis she takes a bulldog focus group out to Fort Funston, manages the dog house, and tends to the needs and comfort of our boarding guests. Her other priorities include running, collecting rocks, reading books, watching nature from a bike, and spending time in her studio.


Erika Chan – Playgroup Supervisor, Training Specialist

Erika came to work with A Girl and Your Dog in 2012 with a background in training, a deeply rooted love of animals, and incredible artistic talent. Born and raised in Southern California, Erika grew up as a budding artist, surrounded by animals. Her family menagerie included birds, lizards, insects, hamsters, and of course, many dogs (a Husky, Sheltie, Cocker Spaniel, German Shepherds, and Belgian Malinois – one of which was K9 Officer fur-brother, Berno).

Having been an art instructor and an informal zoo educator, she came up to SF in 2010 to start a new journey instructing puppy and CGC prep classes at Petco. Her training education includes Trish King’s Canine Behavior Academy Levels I and II. As an artist, she specializes in animal portraits and caricatures, and can often be found sketching to fundraise at local animal rescue events. Erika also offers private in-home dog training outside of her work at AGAYD.

She couldn’t imagine life any different than being able to love your dogs and take them on different high energy adventures everyday, while enjoying nature. Your dogs are truly her best friends.

Veronica La Rosa – Play Specialist

Veronica came to AGAYD in March of 2015 highly recommended by Flossie and Shura Kelly of Bark to Basics, with glowing stories of her small dog skills and handling. Veronica is certified through DogTec and has a deep interest in dog behavior and training. Her other passion is roller skating – she is currently an indispensable member of the Bay Area Derby Girls team, The Oakland Outlaws. She has played all over Northern California as well as many other cities across the U.S. She is part of the international organization Chicks in Bowls and can often be found skating in skate park bowls or on long paved trails.

A Bay Area native, Veronica grew up in Marin County. She currently lives on a houseboat with her chihuahua/miniature pinscher mix Flossie. Flossie is excellent at spinning in circles, guarding the couch, and aggressive cuddling. She has her own Instagram (flossie_dog) and her own hashtag (#everydayflossie). She’s one of the littlest dogs at AGAYD but has one of the biggest attitudes!

Besides derby and dogs, Veronica’s other hobbies include snowboarding, trivia, documentaries, podcasts, hockey, and road trips. Veronica’s humor, spontaneity, and love of the outdoors makes her an integral part of the AGAYD family and the perfect play companion for your dogs.


Rose Koron – Daycare Manager

Rose has been at the heart of our Daycare program since March of 2015. She came to us with a wealth of education, both from living with and loving her own 2 large dogs, Captain and Wolfie, and achieving a BA in Criminal Justice from Pace University. Her enthusiastic, generous, caring nature has made her a very fast friend to ALL of our dogs, and any of our human clients lucky enough to have met her.

Rose is a professional certified dog walker from Top Dog University and volunteers at the SF SPCA in her free time. When not walking dogs, Rose and her two best friends perform in their band, The Muted Jewel Tones. Their band focuses on humor, three part harmony, and any weird/cool instruments they can get their hands on.

Tyler Tan – Daycare Assistant

Tyler joined our team in January 2016. He brought with him over 5 years of experience working in pet services including previous positions as a daycare attendant and dog walker. His easygoing and friendly personality instantly endeared him to our daycare dogs and all of their people.

Born in San Mateo, Tyler is the eldest of 3 siblings. He definitely has that caring big brother vibe! He graduated with a degree in Communications from UC Santa Barbara and moved to San Francisco in 2011. Although he plays with dogs all day long, Tyler is an equal opportunity animal lover and has a very special place in his heart for cats. An animal charmer by day, Tyler’s not-so-secret skill is music. He can often be found DJing at festivals and clubs, helping people get their dance on!

Erin Selby – Office Manager

Erin is our multi-tasking administrative guru who helps ensure that all our days run smoothly. She has extensive experience working with animals and their humans in a veterinary setting, and is very excited to be working with us, our clients, and dogs in a environment that is all about pets having fun!

Erin grew up in LA, but has spent most of her adult life in the Bay Area. The middle child of 3 kids, she is very close to both of her siblings. She moved to SF from the East Bay in 2015 and currently lives with a senior maltipoo named Oliver and a chinchilla named Guily (her human roommates include her sister, brother-in-law, and 5 year old nephew). Like Tyler, Erin has an extra special affinity for cats. It might just be she’s envious of all the lounging and napping.

Erin has worked with animals for nearly half of her life and takes great pride in caring for and supporting people and their pets. Outside of bonding with furry four-legged creatures, she can be found with her nose in a book (favorite subject: history) or completing the New York Times crossword puzzle. She is a hoarder of random facts and tidbits and is definitely someone you want on your team on trivia night.

Joanna Alvarez – Small Play Specialist

Joanna is the newest member of our AGAYD team, but has a lengthy history of working with dogs. Most recently, she was a lead trainer at Petco, specializing in Canine Good Citizen classes. Her gentle and calm demeanor is perfect for our group of littles, who are all entirely smitten with her!

Joanna moved to San Francisco from Southern California in 2014 to pursue her education. She is currently in a program for Business Management at Skyline College. Her dream is to open her very own skate shop! Like Veronica, Jo is involved in Roller Derby and enjoys roller skating at skate parks. Her other passion is music and she spends many evenings at band practice after a day of playing with your dogs. Now that’s living!