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Boarding Information Form

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This form is NOT to be used for requesting boarding dates - please email Admin directly for all boarding reservation requests. Please fill out this form just prior to the start of your pup’s stay in order to confirm pick up and drop off dates, provide all relevant care instructions, and emergency contact information.

Important notes on what and how to pack for your dog’s stay: Please make sure to provide only as much food as needed, plus a little extra, and to pack food in a large Ziploc bag. All food and any other items going with your dog should be placed in an easy to carry bag for your walker.  Keep in mind they have to carry everything out to the van all while walking your dog. Reusable grocery bags are great for this purpose!

There is no need to provide beds, crates, blankets, or any toys that could be damaged or lost. We have a plethora of items for your pup’s comfort and enjoyment right here at our Doggy B&B!