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Client Policy Agreement

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***Please read over all the following information. These policies are all very important for the safety and happiness of the dogs. We take all of these points seriously and it is important for everyone involved in the care of your dog to understand them very well. If you have any questions, we would be more than happy to explain our reasoning or details. ***


I understand that per my request, my dog is taken to public parks and let off leash. I understand that these are environments A Girl and Your Dog cannot completely control. This means that the presence of glass, sticks, trash, other dogs and people may contribute to injuries out of the walker’s control.

I understand that the very best way to avoid large veterinary costs from unavoidable injuries is to purchase pet insurance. We recommend Trupanion and PetPlan.

I understand that I must keep my dog current on vaccinations including Rabies, Bordetella,  DHPP and Lepto. I understand that all dogs in our program must be on flea and tick prevention medication and I am responsible for keeping them current each month.

I understand that if AGAYD notices my dog displaying behavior that is dangerous or not conducive to group off-leash walking all or some of the following steps may need to be taken:

A group change that may or may not be at the same time or with the same walker as the original group.

I may need to hire a trainer to work with my dog on my own time.

A muzzle, gentle leader or longline may need to be used as a management device.

I understand that if the above mentioned steps are not successful, my dog may not be able to walk with AGAYD.


I understand that if I email or call after 4PM or on the weekend, I am not guaranteed a response right away.

I understand that last minute requests are not guaranteed. This is not because we don’t want to, this is because we may not physically see your request or have the ability to accommodate it.

I understand that if I want to add weekend Day Care or weekend boarding, I have to request by 4pm on the Thursday before.

I understand that if I cancel boarding after the grace period during Christmas, New Year’s or Thanksgiving that I will be charged a cancellation fee of $100.


I understand that AGAYD sends out important emails periodically that include very time sensitive updates and I am responsible for reading these and making sure they don’t go to spam. We will send you a test email to make sure you are getting these.

I understand that I will email for any MAJOR scheduling requests or questions. This includes: boarding requests, cancellations due to vacation, invoice questions.

I understand that I will contact my walker directly for any small reminders. These include:

Location of food for boarding

Requests like leaving lights on/off

Same day cancellations or adjustments. This is important because we may not receive  your email in the morning of the same day if we are all out in the field.

I understand that I am responsible for updating AGAYD via email to the admin account with any emails, phone numbers or contact information. This is important because we need to be able to get in touch with you if there is an emergency or any questions about your dog.


I understand that I am responsible for supplying TWO sets of keys to AGAYD. If you are supplying a fob, we must have AT LEAST 2 ways of entering your building (whether that be two fobs, or a fob and a building code.)


I understand that this is a tuition based program and therefore will not receive refunds for missed days except for the following two situations:

You alert us to an absence THE MONTH BEFORE

Your dog misses days due to a severe illness or very limiting physical injury.

I understand that if I am requesting tuition change for my next month, I have to notify A Girl and Your Dog in writing via email to

I understand that if I am requesting my bill be adjusted for time off, I will be reverted to a daily rate for the days that my dog is at play for that month.

I understand that there is a $50 late fee if my bill is not paid by the 30th of the month.