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At  A Girl And Your Dog playing is our specialty so playgroup is where it’s at!! This service is truly at the core of our business. The most fun, the best value, playgroup is where your pup will learn manners, basic obedience and a really awesome recall.

Your dog is picked up in a safe, well ventilated vehicle with some of his/her friends from the neighborhood and transported to one of the many parks in the city.

As soon as paws hit the ground, the real fun begins. We hike over hills, fetch balls in grassy fields, chase through the woods, wrestle, roll and swim until everybody is exhausted.

Throw the ball throw the ball

Throw the ball throw the ball

Dogs are then delivered back home to sleep the afternoon away until your return.

Charlie makes it a priority to place every dog in the most appropriate group for their age size personality and athletic ability. The goal is to have well balanced packs pushed to their athletic limits and to have lots and lots of fun!

Call us at (415) 939 5462 or contact us by email.




Enjoying the day

Enjoying the day

If you have a day trip coming up and can’t take your pup with you, allow us to relieve your anxiety by letting ‘em play with us all day.

Daycare is a great option for the very active dog or to bridge your extra long work days. Dogs are out of the house for the day and are included in every A Girl And Your Dog playgroup activity.

Your pup will be picked up at 10am and dropped off around 4pm.  (Other arrangements are possible by appointment.)

Call us at (415) 939 5462 or contact us by email.



Pua and Napoleon

Pua and Napoleon

Would you rather have your family member spend 22 hrs out of the day in a cage, or spend it enjoying the outdoors and a warm home environment?

We offer an exclusive boarding option. We can house up to 6 dogs comfortably with us in our home.  We provide a safe and clean environment with dedicated play areas, outdoor access, lots of fluffy beds and a plethora of toys. Our home is dog heaven.

Boarding dogs are included in daytime playgroups at off leash parks. Our doggie guests are welcome to partake in our gourmet fare consisting of Nature’s Variety Prairie or may bring their own specialty diet. We are very experienced in administering medications, including injections. Older and shyer dogs have plenty of private space to get away from the action.

Call us at (415) 939 5462 or contact us by email.




In home pet sitting is a great option if you have multiple types of pets or if boarding away from home is not suitable for your pup.

We can arrange multiple visits a day, combining playgroups with in home overnight visits. Or we can setup a specific schedule that meets your needs.

We bring in mail, water plants and of course give your furry friends the best care possible!

Please phone us to discuss your needs.

Call us at (415) 939 5462 or contact us by email.




Tuition Playgroup Full-Time $485 a month
5x a week and our most economical program at less than $23 a day. Paid in advance like tuition.

Tuition Playgroup Part-Time $325 a Month

3x a week playgroup program breaks down to $25 a day. Paid in advance like tuition.

Pay As You Play

We are no longer accepting less than 3x a week


Pay as you play part time $45
Drop in daycare service. Invoiced at the end of each month.

Pay as you play full time $38
Full time daycare or alternating days with playgroup to total 5 days a week.
Invoiced at the end of each month.

Full time monthly rate $700
Paid at start of month like tuition


Pay as you stay $65 a night

Monthly playgroup clients $40 a night weekdays, $60 weekends


Specialized services are available by contacting us.

Call us at (415) 939 5462 or contact us by email.

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