Client Area

Client Area

Boarding Information Form

Have a confirmed reservation for your pooch at our boarding house? This is the form for you!  Give us the 411 on caring for your pup when they are at their home away from home. Meals, meds, special needs, and more go here.

Pet Profile

Tell us about your dog! We want to know all the important details of what makes your pup special. All the essentials we might need to know when taking care of your dog go on this form. Every one of our pet families must have one of these on file.

Client Policy

What you need to know about our policies. Everything is laid out for you here – it is important we are all on the same page when it comes to caring for your best friend. This form must be completed and signed prior to your pup joining one of our groups.

Service Contract

The official contract! This form lets us know your program and days of choice and includes important information regarding your pup’s medical care.

Holiday Schedule

These are regular federal holidays and have been factored into tuition costs. While we do not offer regular Playgroup and Daycare on these dates, we do offer Holiday/Weekend Daycare (11am-4pm) at a special rate on all weekends and holidays except for Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day.