Half-day Playgroup is our most popular option. It’s budget-friendly and gives your dog 1.5 hours of off-leash play. Your dog will be picked up at your home and head out for a park run with a group of neighborhood friends. Once at the park, your dog will have an action packed time of  exercise, play, and learning. Our walkers constantly work on improving recall and reinforcing good manners by using reward based training and encouraging fun.



For those of you who have dogs with lots of energy or longer days at work, Daycare is an excellent option. Your dog will be picked up between 9-10AM for an initial morning run lasting at least 1.5 hours. They then spend the afternoon at our boarding home which is fully supervised and offers 24 hour indoor/outdoor access. Your dog will have safe areas with toys and friends for play if they love to socialize, and access to many fluffy beds if they need to rest. Once your dog has taken a nap in the sun and had a snack, we head out for a second park run to ensure they are ready to relax with you when you get home. Your pup will be dropped off between 4-5PM having had a full day of play and care.



We offer boarding services exclusively to our Playgroup and Daycare clients. If you are going out of town, we would love to have your dog over! 

Our boarding location is a unique home environment unlike kennels or other facilities. We can house up to 12 dogs very comfortably. Your dog will have 24 hour indoor/outdoor access, lots of toys and beds and constant cuddles. Since it is a home environment, we are able to offer individualized attention to ensure that older and shyer dogs have plenty of private space to get away from the action and very small dogs are separated from large dogs at night or if temporarily unsupervised. Dogs get at least one big outing a day. Evenings and day play are charged separately.